Asma Mwinyi Foundation in Partnership with Muzdalifa

Once again, The Asma Mwinyi Foundation (AMF) together with Muzdalifa and Helping hand USA have distributed 300 boxes of clothes and 300 bags of rice in four areas in Pemba, Zanzibar i.e. Micheweni, Shumba Mjini, Vitongoji, and Chambani. #togetherwecanhelpthoseinneed
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Asma Mwinyi Foundation Iftar Package Distribution at Kilwa

The Asma Mwinyi Foundation (“AMF”) is delighted to announce that yesterday 21 May 2020 achieved in dispensing iftar/Zakat al-fit food packages to seventy-five (75) less fortunate families in Kilwa – Lindi Region. With gratitude and appreciation, we thank you all who made this trip possible one way or the other and the local government authorities […]
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Visit at the Tumaini Orphanage Centre (Mkuranga)

Yesterday we had an opportunity to visit Tumaini Orphanage Home Centre with Let them shine foundation. Well…it’s that time of the year for giving and showing lots of #loveandcarry #support and there wasn’t any other better place to do this than here. Massive thanks to those who supported us on this day
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