Asma Mwinyi Foundation donate water well for Tumbatu.

AT least 5,000 people of Kichangani village in Tumbatu small Islet, who for a long period of time have been facing critical shortage of water, will soon have relief after construction of a water well in their area.

“We have been having problems searching for water, spending many hours in the morning or evening,” a Tumbatu resident Ms  Khadija Abbas said as she thanked the Asma Mwinyi Foundation in collaboration with Exim Bank-Tanzania.

She said that the problem of water shortage is being tackled and now that their community will be served by water pumped in a 3000-litre storage tank.

The mother of five children said the only challenge is water salination, as the drilled water is salty and difficult to drink, “We can only use it for washing, but the project funders have promised to find a solution to purify.”

The Exim Bank Marketing manager Ms Kauthar Disuza said they have been working to find water in their area, so that they stop walking too far and even use canoes to travel in search for precious liquid.

Ms Asma Ali Mwinyi, Chairperson of Asma Mwinyi Foundation explained that the aim is to help people to access clean water so that they can concentrate on development activities.

Community leader of the village (Sheha) Mr Omary Haji Sheha said the water aid was a relief to women and children, who were forced to walk far away from their village to fetch water.

He thanked Asma Mwinyi Foundation and Exim Bank- Tanzania for funding the project which will help children and girls in the rural areas, “Children and teens will now have more time for school.”

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