AMF donate 800 Pads to 510 students in kibaha

In continuation to celebrate World Girls Day, the Asma Mwinyi Foundation (AMF)has donated 800 pads to 510 students at the Bwawamiswe Secondary school located in Kibaha District.

The foundation, which is mainly focused on helping special groups including women and children, has been running a campaign to provide various aids in health centres, school and society in general with the aim of helping those in need. After receiving that support, the standard two student Sofia Rashid, thanked the foundation explaining that those pads will help them to some extent as it was a problem for them to get pad while at school. “to a certain extent, these pads were being bought but they were not able to meet the needs of all the students here at the school, so we thank the Asma Mwinyi Foundation for this donation,” said Sofia. Asha Salum, who has spoken on behalf of the parents of the students, has said that support for them as a parents means a lot, and that it shows the true meaning of love and care for everyone, something  she says should be limited by everyone. Getrude Remi, who is the head teacher of the school, said that Asma Mwinyi Foundation (AMF) has helped to reduce the stress for the students because some of them had to stay at home while they were in the menstruation cycle, which made them miss classes.

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