The elderly are a treasure, the support of the nation – Asma Mwinyi

The DIRECTOR of the Asma Mwinyi Foundation (AMF), Asma Ali Mwinyi said the elderly are a great treasure in their nation but they are a group that many people have been forgetting.

He said this during the lunch event during the Eid al-Fitr holiday that ended recently and gave gifts to the elderly who are cared for in the old people’s homes in Sebleni, which is one of the celebrations to celebrate the holiday after finishing the fast of the holy month of Ramadan.

He said that seeing the importance of the elderly, he and his institution decided to go together for the meal so that they too could find comfort.

However, he served his institution to

collaborating with the Serena Hotel and Asalaam Air, they have started a tradition of coming to eat with the elderly every second day of the year and giving them holiday gifts so that they can see themselves as other elderly people at home.

“We have decided to come to the elderly because they are one of the groups that people forget, so to relieve their loneliness we have come and eat with them”, he said.

In addition, he asked the institutions, he asked the fine institutions to support them and even go personally to help them because comforting them is a good place, especially since they are prospective elders and when you do good to them, you will be done to them later.

On his part, the General Manager of the Serena Hotel, Wilfred Shirima, said that the Serenas are very relieved that they are a place to socialise with the elderly and eat with them, something that he said that it will be sustainable for them.

However, he said that the move is one of their company’s plans to participate in basic social issues.

And the Director of the Department of Community Welfare and the Elderly, Hassan Ibrahim Suleiman, thanked the institutions for their presence and comforted the elderly so that they too could get the food.

So he asked other institutions to come and help the elderly so that they too feel that the act of comforting the elderly is a good thing that gives comfort to them.

Expressing their gratitude, some of the elders, Mtoro Seif Muhija and Tatu Rajab Juma, were grateful for the provision of food and asked them to have the same heart in expecting to be paid a good wage by Allah.

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