The Government Commends AMF for identifying those in need

Secretary General of the Ministry of Social Development, Gender, Elders and Children, Zanzibar Abeida Rashid Abdallah has congratulated the Institute of Asma Mwinyi Foundation (AMF) for identifying and taking care of children with special needs.

He said this yesterday in the Western City Province, during a special breakfast organized by the institution for children living in disadvantaged environments.

He also said the act is unanimous in that it greatly supports the government in the implementation of its responsibilities of empowering children with special needs.

“The presence of an institution like this helps us the government a lot in groups of children with difficult environment so I ask the Director of AMF Asma Mwinyi to continue with this heart and I promise him that as the secretary general who is dealing with this ministry, we will cooperate with him in helping these children,” he said.

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