President Mwinyi to grace ‘harambee? for Sanitary Pads (Jasiri)

AT least 6,000 schoolgirls are set to benefit from free sanitary pads, the support which aims at improving access to education in areas where many adolescents cannot afford the pads.

Minister for Education and Vocational Training. Ms Lela Mohamed Mussa, and the Director of Asma Mwinvi Foundation (AMF) Ms Asma Ali Hassan Mwinvi said the planed fundraising will be held today. “We aim to raise fund from donors to buy 72,000 sanitary pads for 6,000 female students who are in schools. It is single-use disposable pads,” Ms Asma said She stated that the Harambee named ‘Nistiri Nisifedheheke” is a continuous campaign to collect sanitary pads for students so that they can remain in schools throughout their time and perform well in class.

Each of the 6,000 female students would be provided with 12 packs which can be used for one year, as the commercial director- People’s Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ)

Mr Eddie Mhina promised to continue supporting the move. which he said is part of the Bank’s ‘Corporate Social Responsibility.

“Our bank recognises the position of the female child and its importance especially in the society and empowers the female child and understands the challenges they encounter during menstruation.

“We, as a bank, will cooperate with the Asma Mwinyi Foundation in contributing to this charity so that the goal can be achieved,” he said.

The minister called upon well-wishers to help the young girls even though speaking openly about menstruation is still a taboo,

Ms Mussa said at the press conference that misconception and myths about sanitary pads were being addressed by intensifying education to the public and in

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