Foundation offer sanitary pads to 100+ girls in need

The Asma Mwinyi Foundation (AMF), Through the ‘Afya Yangu· project has donated sanitary pads to 118 vulnerable girls in Mkuranga district. Coast Region.

AMF is Tanzanian NGO focusing on helping and supporting the underprivileged, deprived, and vulnerable people such as Orphans, widows, children. men and women. The foundation implements ‘Afya · Yangu’ in Mkuranga district to help and support adolescent girls to realise their dreams especially in education. The girls will be getting sanitary pads every month.

Asha Salum showered praises to the project sponsors over the weekend during a function to receive the sanitary pads from AMF which was held at the Mkuranga district hospital. She said the donation came at the right time and had inspired them to attend learning classes throughout the month. She said most of them remained home during the menstruation period over lack of pads; the thing affected their academic performance.

It is indeed a bigger support to us since it enables us to stay in class during menstrual periods,” said Salum. adding the foundation has made them feel happy as other girls. A nurse in-charge for youth service, Care and Treatment and Afya Yangu project at Mkuranga district Hospital. sweet Ndyerumaki said girls and woman face several challenges including shortage of finance to buy the pads. She said the project supported by AMF has come at the right time adding the initially they started with 70 girls, and they have now reached 118 girls aged between 10 and 18.

“We are delighted to be part of the AMF family through the donation given to our young girls and adolescents,” she said. Representing the hospital management, Angela Malugu thanked AMF for the donation, calling upon other institution to also volunteer to support the girls. She appealed for more collaboration from the foundation to ensure more vulnerable girls are reached with the support. especially those who cannot afford to buy pads.

Asma AJi Mwinyj, AMF director said the foundation has been supporting vulnerable girls for three consecutive years. She said the foundation donates sanitary pads to vulnerable girls and women every end of the month adding that it was looking forward started supporting boys. “The donation has helped most girl students in Mkuranga district to stay in school. Our target is to support more deprived and vulnerable girls in the district to ensure they are happy and enjoy life as other girls,” she added.

The foundation is also implementing a project dubbed ‘Nistiri Nisifedheheke’ a friendlier service to adolescent boys and girls in Mkuranga distinct.

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