The Asma Mwinyi Foundation (′′ AMF ′′) partnertship with Al-Baraka Foundation

The Asma Mwinyi Foundation (′′ AMF ′′) together with Al-Baraka Foundation we have succeeded to distribute 50 free packages to families that are not able in Coast Province – Mwanambaya
Our gratitude should reach the government of Mwanambaya to give their cooperation and make our exercise easier and reach the targets easily.
We managed to distribute iftar fries in seven villages of Mwanambaya which is
(1) Mvule
(2) Modo
(3) Mamangwe
(5) Kibeneke and (6) ) It’s a thing for me.
We would like to encourage various stakeholders including companies and non-governmental institutions, your cooperation would like to continue taking other aid after Ramadhan is over. Your needs are many and it’s not over here.
Together we can help the weak
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