The Renovation and Construction of Mkuranga’s Hospital units/block


The Renovation and Construction of Mkuranga’s Hospital units/block

Mkuranga District hospital faces many challenges in providing adequate health services to all its people. There is only one government clinic located near this area and does not address all the needs for the health services required by the Mkuranga community. The hospital units/blocks are too small that cannot handle the volume/capacity of patients it receives which leads to an inability to serve its patients satisfactorily. For example, Mkuranga hospital receives about 350 to 400 expectant mothers per month but since the hospital does not have a specific maternal ward, all expectant, new mothers, and newly born babies are all get accommodated in the same building area. As a result, the hospital is not able to provide inadequate services to its patients.

The AMF is currently seeking to address the challenges at the Mkuranga’s hospital as follows:

If you would like to take part in this monetary or an in-kind please, contact Ms. Asma Mwinyi at The Asma Mwinyi Foundation (“AMF”) through:

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